Tickets are booked. Bags are packed. Passports ready to go. You’re off on your next great adventure! The mighty peaks of Torres del Paine are waiting to astound you, the delicious local cuisine and world-class wines are ready to fill you up, and the inhabitants are all set to welcome you to their country! But wait. There are always ways to be better prepared when traveling to somewhere new, so be sure to load up on some handy travel apps for your Smartphone before jetting off. But which ones are best – and which are best for use in Chile?

We’ve got your back. We’ve assembled a list of some of the many apps out there that can help out if you get in a jam while visiting or can help make your visit even smoother and more entertaining by providing tips and information at the push of a button.


Even if you spoke Spanish prior to your trip here, this app is indispensable for keeping up with Chileans’ rapid fire speech and colorful lexicon of informal slang words and expressions. Bacan, claro? (Terrific, right?) Over 380 unique “chilenismos” are easily searchable and translated in English and Spanish, and you can quiz yourself through a game feature that will have you feeling and speaking like a local in no time! Cachai? (You get it?) Super!

Price: $0.99 (only available for iOS)

XE Currency:

The Internet’s go-to currency converter website is now the go-to converter app for your Smartphone. Let it to do the math for you. Stay on top of fluctuating exchange rates and convert US dollars and more to Chilean pesos with ease.

Price: Free (iOS and Android)


You’re on the trip of a lifetime. All those amazing videos and pictures of Torres del Paine and the wilds of Chile need to shared with the world. You deserve an app that can capture all the amazing memories you’re making and share them with other travelers and with the folks back home. Ramblr combines live tracking of your routes and where you’ve been with photos, videos, text, personalized information about type of trip, difficulty, GPS location, and much more so both you and all your friends and family can see everything in one easy place!

Price: Free (iOS and Android)


Google Translate with Word Lens:

Fast and easy translations on the go, and with Word Lens, simply hold up your phone in front of street signs, directions, or menus, and voila – instant translation into more than 100 languages when connected to Internet (52 offline). Includes modes for handwriting and two-way conversation translations, and a phrasebook to keep track of expressions and words that catch your attention. All aboard the translate train!

Price: Free (iOS and Android)

Google Maps

At EcoCamp, our guides will help you find your way around the park, but for your solo adventures, there’s no better place for quick and easy on-the-go navigation and information about local attractions, restaurants, museums, and more than Google Maps. Whether trying to figure out where to go for lunch in Santiago, locating a hostel in Puerto Natales, or just trying to orient yourself, Google Maps has you covered from start to finish of your Chilean adventure.

Price: Free (iOS and Android)  


Weather Timeline/Dark Sky

Patagonia is well-known for keeping travelers on their toes with its sometimes unpredictable and unexpected weather. Stay on top of all the current atmospheric changes and happenings with Weather Timeline and Dark Sky, two of the most popular and well-reviewed weather apps on the market. The interfaces have been praised for their user-friendliness and engaging layout, offering hour-by-hour updates, predictions, and more. Weather Timeline is available for Android, and Dark Sky is downloadable for both Apple and Android.

Weather Timeline Price: $0.99

Dark Sky Price: $3.99 iOS, Free on Android.

AlpineQuest GPS Hiking

When taking the path less traveled and voyaging into the wilderness, a good map is always necessary, and AlpineQuest won’t lead you astray! This topographical map app gives you your location via GPS and then shows you the surrounding area, including local road and attraction information, and then can save a copy of the map on your phone for when you go offline. As this app is currently only for Android, Topo Maps ($7.99) is a good alternative for Apple users.

Price: $9.99 (Android)

First Aid – American Red Cross

Even though we always hope nothing will go wrong while traveling, it’s always good to be prepared! This handy-dandy app is sure to help you when you’re in a bind and need fast and simple medical information. The app contains basic first aid, and will walk you through instructions for treating various ailments such as burns and broken bones, and a button in-app lets you quickly call 911 and emergency services.

Price: Free (iOS and Android)

Honorable Mentions


This nifty little app is perfect for before, during, and after your trip for learning languages on the go. It’s always good to speak at least the basics of a country’s native language, to be respectful to locals and also to make it easier for you. DuoLingo makes the learning fun with colorful graphics, smooth and flowing interfaces, quick and easy lessons, quizzes, and scheduled reminders when you miss lessons.

Price: Free (iOS and Android)

Sky Map:

With its clear skies, the Atacama desert and Patagonia are some of the best places for stargazing. Sky Map helps you discover constellations, tracks the phases of the moon, lets you quiz your knowledge of the night sky, and much more.

Price: Free (iOS and Android)

Heading off the grid in Patagonia? Check out our article here about the best apps for a trek through the wilds of Southern Chile!

Do you have any suggestions for your go-to travel apps? Let us know and happy travels!

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