Close to having the fire in Torres del Paine under complete control!

A day of low wind, which has allowed helicopter flight and reduced the speed of the fire’s expansion, together with moderately intense rain have helped to control the fire in Torres de Paine National Park. The authorities predict that today they will have three of the six remaining focus areas under control and should these […]

EcoCamp evacuates due to closure of Torres del Paine National Park

We regret to inform you that EcoCamp Patagonia is being evacuated following the closure of Torres del Paine National Park on the evening of December 29th, on the orders of Chile’s National Park administration body CONAF. The fire is currently restricted to the western zone of the Paine massif, meaning EcoCamp guests, on the eastern […]

Paine Circuit Activity Guide

Cascada runs a complex operation coordinating the challenging 9 day Paine Circuit and ensuring maximum safety and enjoyment. The 115km (72mi) anti-clockwise loop around the Paine massif is awe-inspiring and the ideal adventure for trekkers craving the ultimate challenge in Patagonia. Expert guides accompany trekkers on the circuit and luggage is carried by porters who […]

Santiago de Chile Bike & Stay

Explore the eclectic neighborhoods of Santiago on a bicycle, learning about Santiago’s history from an expert guide, before retiring for the day to enjoy a delicious dinner in one of the hip bohemian neighborhoods, followed by a relaxing night’s sleep in one of Santiago’s quality hotels!

Solar Water Heating System in full swing at EcoCamp

EcoCamp’s shared bathrooms (for guests in Standard Domes) now have their shower water heated by a solar water heating system, in a further step towards EcoCamp becoming 100% environmentally sustainable without the use of any fossil fuels whatsoever. The pilot scheme was launched in December and is now in full swing with water initially heated […]


The Kaweskars are an indigenous group of nomadic Patagonian inhabitants. Their numbers originally totalled between 2,500 and 3,000 but by the 1930’s they had almost become extinct due to prolonged contact with European explorers and nowadays it is estimated that fewer than 10 pure-blooded Kaweskars remain. Kaweskars, whose name means ‘human being’ in their native […]

EcoCamp Patagonia Single Travellers Departure Special

EcoCamp Patagonia, based in the heart of Torres del Paine National Park in Chile, has announced a Patagonia W Trek – Single Travellers Departure Special for February 2012. This one-off tour departing on February 9th is reserved for solo travellers, groups of friends and all sociable trekkers looking to share a new experience with like-minded […]