EcoCamp Patagonia season extends until end of April 2012

We are extending EcoCamp Patagonia’s season giving trekkers a chance to make the most of Torres del Paine before the season’s close. We were lucky enough to be completely unscathed by the fire which swept through the western sector of the park in late December and we are operating at full capacity with just minor changes to our multi-day treks and Wildlife Safari.

Suite Domes

Our most popular and luxurious domes, with heating, private bathrooms, and the best views   The Suite Domes at EcoCamp Patagonia offer travelers the perfect combination of immersion in nature and rustic luxury, providing the highest levels of comfort and quality, with the pure Patagonian wilderness just steps away outside your door.   Eco-friendly luxury […]

EcoCamp Patagonia open and receiving guests!

EcoCamp Patagonia welcomed its first guests this morning following the official partial reopening of Torres del Paine National Park. Guests who had spent the night in Puerto Natales eagerly awaiting their park entry were driven to EcoCamp early this morning to start their Wildlife Safari program or ‘W’ trek.   The tourism sub-secretary and regional […]

5-Day Easter Island – Hanga Roa Experience

Lose yourself amongst the breathtaking vistas and fascinating cultural landscape of one of the world’s most intriguing islands. Choose from a variety of daily activities to tailor your trip to your personal interests, ranging from nature walks and hikes to cultural and historical outings to learn more about the Moai statues and the ancient inhabitants of Rapa Nui. 

EcoCamp Patagonia set to reopen!

We are very happy to announce that the fire in Torres del Paine National Park, which has affected over 12,000 hectares in the park’s south-western sector, is currently under control. This means that the fire is no longer expanding and that the almost 800 firefighters working to control the blaze have the focal points under […]