San Bartolo, Ghost Town of Atacama

Chile has no shortage of eerie offerings for those who enjoy a few chills with their thrills, including a whole host of ghost towns. Many, like the famous Humberstone Saltpeter Works, were abandoned as a result of the collapse of nitrate mining. But there is an even more mysterious town that was abandoned not once but twice; the ghost town of San Bartolo.

Nicolás Danyau – EcoCamp Patagonia Guide

  Nicolas was raised just south of Santiago but has been a firm lover of Patagonia ever since he started leading tour groups there. He began work at EcoCamp since 2009 after two years working for EcoCamp’s parent company Cascada Expediciones. Nicolas’ favourite place in the world are the Himalayas, but when he’s not trekking […]

Javiera Azocar – EcoCamp Patagonia Guide

  Born in Santiago and raised in Talca, Javiera is happy to call Patagonia home during the trekking season and feels completely fulfilled while she’s there. She choose to work at EcoCamp because of its responsible tourism philosophy, having studied ecotourism herself and always put the sustainable ethos into practice. She loves the Patagonian landscapes […]

Alexis Gutierrez – EcoCamp Patagonia Guide

Santiaguino Alexis choose to start working at EcoCamp in 2012 because of its environmentally responsible work. His favourite places in the world are Thailand and New Zealand and when he’s not leading treks in Torres del Paine or travelling around the world Alexis likes to lie in his hammock watching TV series or listening to […]

Diego Vega – EcoCamp Patagonia Guide

  Born and bred in Santiago but keen to work in Patagonia, Diego started work at EcoCamp in 2012 after choosing Patagonia’s most sustainable hotel. His favourite place in the world is Patagonia, both the Chilean & Argentinean side, and when he’s not trekking, birdwatching or rock climbing he can be found playing the guitar […]

Carola Canto – EcoCamp Patagonia Guide

  Born in Punta Arenas, Carola is the granddaughter of Villa Tehuelches’ (sheep farming village) founders. Growing up in the midst of Patagonia’s nature she quickly became a lover of the earth and her region, where she feels free and grateful for the wonderful natural scenery. She studied tourism and started working as a guide […]

Top 5 Adventure Activities in Chile

Whether you’re planning a vacation to indulge an outdoor hobby you’re already passionate about or you’re looking to try something new while you're away, Chile is the perfect adventure playground for outdoor sports fans. Its explosive natural landscape includes the highest volcano in the world, the driest desert in the world, the longest mountain range in the world and the deepest fjord in the whole of the southern hemisphere, so its no wonder that there’s almost no limit to the outdoor pursuits you can get up to. Here is Cascada’s pick of the top 5 adventure travel activities available in Chile and how to enjoy them to the full.

The Unstoppable Rise of the Geodesic Dome

With interest in ‘glamping’ – or glamorous camping – at an all time high, lightweight dome hotel rooms are popping up like large and unusual mushrooms all across the world. Although they look somewhat futuristic, the modern geodesic dome has now been with us for over eighty years. So what lies behind the enduring popularity of these simple constructions and what does their future hold?