Cascada’s 12 Tours at Christmas

With just seven shopping days left until Christmas, time is running out to find the perfect gift! If you’re stuck for what to buy for someone who seems to have it all, booking a once in a lifetime trip might be the ideal solution. And if you’ve already booked your trip with a special person in your life, why not surprise them with an exciting extension activity. We’ve put together a selection of full tours and tour extensions in Chile and Argentina for Cascada’s 12 Tours at Christmas!

Scott H. McGurrin, USA (Santiago, Valparaiso, Atacama & Patagonia Wildlife Safari)

We're back home and I just wanted to say thanks to you for helping us to set up a wonderful trip!  We're very tired, but we had a fantastic time everyplace we went.  Ecocamp in particular was an amazing experience – the views and the animals are simply incredible, and the staff are really a […]

Robinson Crusoe Island: A Wildlife Guide

In Daniel Defoe’s famous novel Robinson Crusoe, the hero is washed up on an island that seems to fit the description of somewhere in the Caribbean, with a variety of animals including colonies of giant turtles. However, the real life castaway island that inspired Defoe’s work is actually found in the Pacific Ocean, in the Juan Fernández Archipelago some 419 miles west of the Chilean mainland. The real Robinson Crusoe Island may not have turtles, but it is incredibly rich in flora and fauna, and many of the plants and animals are found nowhere else in the world. Robinson Crusoe Island was designated as a National Park in 1935 and named a UNESCO World Biosphere in 1977 in recognition of its importance as a unique habitat for many species of plants, birds and insects.

Hiking in Torres del Paine: The Ultimate Music Playlist!

When you hike in Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia, there’s a good argument for leaving the iPod at home and devoting all of your attention to the sounds of the birds and animals, the whistling wind and the crack-boom-splash of icebergs splitting from the giant glaciers and dropping into one of the many lakes. On the other hand, if you’re feeling tired and demoralised the perfect upbeat tune could be just the thing to keep you pushing on to the next rest stop, whilst a downbeat song can make the otherworldly scenery even more stirring.

A good playlist should have as many ups and downs as the landscape of the national park itself, including songs for contemplation, songs for motivation, and songs to enjoy when you’re on top of the world. It would be impossible to put together a playlist for every minute of the long Paine Circuit Trek or even the shorter W Trek, but here are our essentials for you to build your own hiking playlist around.

Top Picks – Unique Chile Journeys to enjoy in 2013

Things are heating up in Chile: We've launched 4 brand new tours from the wild lands of Patagonia and the sand dunes of Atacama to the legendary Robinson Crusoe island! These new tours form our new Top Picks product line and are active premium experiences unique to Cascada – Look no further for your exclusive […]

Argentinian Patagonia – Top 10 Highlights!

Argentinian Patagonia spans a huge 2,780,400 km² chunk of land at the bottom of the South American continent, stretching from the provinces of Neuquén and Río Negro all the way down to Tierra del Fuego. Given that there’s so much of it, it can be tricky to know where to begin and which sights you really can’t afford to miss. That’s why we’ve put together our Argentinian Patagonia essential top 10 highlights!

Jenny Calvert, USA (Wildlife Safari)

Jenny travelled to EcoCamp in November to do a Patagonia Wildlife Safari. Read all about her experience here on her blog post Torres del Paine – Not the Truman show!  "As we were entering Torres del Paine National Park in Southern Chile, I commented to Kristie -something to the effect of – this reminds me […]

Dick and Chloe Dalton, USA (Wildlife Safari)

Our EcoCamp experience was clearly the highlight of our 10 day Patagonia visit and one of the best of our many years of international travel. We loved everything about EcoCamp, even though we had one day of mostly heavy rain. We want to give Corinne Nanzer and her staff the highest praise possible. They were […]

How Will EcoCamp Patagonia’s Eco Ethos Affect Your Vacation?

Here at Cascada, we spend a lot of time talking about the impact we have on the natural world – we can’t help it, if you’ve seen what the natural world looks like in Chile, you’ll understand – but there’s also room to think about the natural world’s impact on us. It’s understandable that many people have their reservations when booking eco-friendly lodging: Why, you might ask, should you spend your cherished vacation time making compromises? But we believe that you can holiday in comfort without making excessive demands on the environment and that eco-friendly living gives back so much more than it takes away.

We take a look at some common questions about vacations at EcoCamp Patagonia in Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park and investigate how what’s good for the environment can also be good for you.

Top 5 Patagonia Myths – Busted!

Patagonia, this distant land at the bottom of the world, has always been shrouded in mystery and legends. When European seafarers first travelled here they steered clear of the coast, fearing it was inhabited by a fearsome race of giant people. We haven’t found any giants yet on our trips, but there are still plenty of myths that endure about Patagonia and might affect your trip. We look at the five most common misconceptions surrounding Patagonia and set the record straight!