Visit Chile: What’s on in April

April is crossover season in Chile, as the warm summer days fade into the cooler Fall weather. That makes it one of the best times of year to visit Chile, since there’s a wider range of activities on offer than at almost any other time of year! The last of the summer festivals and wine harvests sit alongside sporting events making the most of the balmy temperatures. There are all kinds of cultural and adventurous goings-on in Chile in April, why not come down and join in?

5 Chile Tours at Easter!

If you’re still wondering where to head off on vacation this Easter, look no further. It’s time to add Chile to your shortlist of must-see destinations! This old-meets-new country mixes traditional religious Easter processions and vigils with the global craze for chocolate eggs and the Easter bunny, so whatever your ideal Easter looks like you can find it here in Chile.

Top 10 Chilean Desserts and Sweets

If you’re looking for information on Atacama Desert tours, you’re in the wrong place (and you need to click here instead). This article is dedicated to the joy that is Chilean desserts, not Chilean deserts! With Easter just around the corner, people the world over are preparing for an excuse to enjoy the sweeter things in life. So in celebration of all things indulgent, we’ve decided to dedicate a whole article to some of Chile’s most iconic sweet treats!

6 Skills for Hiking in Torres del Paine

If you’re heading down to the local park for a casual afternoon stroll, walking is probably as simple as putting one foot in front of the other. But when you’re heading to the very bottom of the world, far from the nearest town, on mixed terrain and through a delicate eco-system, there are all sorts of skills that you’ll need to bring into play. Find out what you’ll need to tackle Torres del Paine National Park in comfort and in style, with our top six skills!

EcoCamp Patagonia – Saving Water on World Water Day (and every day!)

It’s World Water Day, a whole day devoted to raising awareness about the sustainable management of water resources. This is a theme that’s close to our hearts, so we’re taking a close-up look at water conservation and management at EcoCamp Patagonia in Chile’s breathtaking Torres del Paine National Park. Let’s get started with an obvious question…

A Year of Adventures in Chile!

Chile is made for adventure. Just take one look at those mountains, those glaciers, the endless coastline and the frothing rivers. It’s an obvious choice for adventure activities for amateurs and professionals alike. As a result, there’s a whole host of international adventure sports competitions each year in Chile, many of which take place during the southern summer months. Here’s a rundown of some of the adventure challenge events you might find on Chile’s yearly calendar!

Chilean Patagonia: 10 Reasons to Hike for Happiness!

Today, March 20th 2013, is the first ever celebration of International Happiness Day! It may sound like a PR invention, but International Happiness Day is actually a new United Nations initiative to encourage countries to focus on the well-being of their citizens, not just their immediate needs. Exercise and spending time in nature are two of the most effective and cheapest ways of instantly improving your mood. So if you’re feeling less than joyful on this day or any day, take a look at 10 ways a hiking holiday in Patagonia’s Torres del Paine National Park could help you on your way to happiness!

Visit Chile: Travel times from Santiago

Chile is 4,270 km (2,653 miles) from north to south and many areas are so criss-crossed by fjords, lakes and mountains that the roads just come to a stop. This can make the country seem somewhat inaccessible, but luckily for the adventurous traveller there’s a whole network of airports and short flights that bring even the most far-flung destination within reach. We’ve put together a list of journey times by plane and road to some of Chile’s favourite visitor hotspots, starting out from the capital city Santiago. So no matter how much, or how little, time you have to spare, you can guarantee there’s something for you to see!