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Phone: +56 2 2923-5974 | Google+  |  reservations@cascada.travel Lorena hails from the northern town of Calama, at the gateway to the Atacama Desert, and is undoubtedly an earth child at heart. Although she has lived in the urban environments of Antofagasta, Viña del Mar and Santiago, Lorena is always planning her next trip out into one […]

Three Chile – Argentina Crossings

Although they’re geographical neighbours, Chile and Argentina have their own very distinct personalities. Yet while they’re unmistakably different in many ways, they’re pretty evenly matched when it comes to the wow-factor of the natural, cultural and culinary attractions of each. We’re not going to weigh into the debate on whether you should choose to spend your invaluable vacation time in Chile or Argentina, because frankly, we’d find it impossible to choose between them too! So instead, we’ve put together a guide to three ways you can combine the two and take in some sensational border crossings whilst you’re about it.

Bird Watching in Patagonia: A Twitcher’s Guide

As a keen bird watcher, you know that you’ll have the opportunity to see such greats as the a Andean Condor and the Chilean Flamingo on your Patagonia tour, but that’s not what you’ve come for. You’re not some common or garden bird watcher, you’re a twitcher, which means you’re planning your once in a lifetime trip to Patagonia to see the birds that nobody else gets to see. With that in mind, we’ve put together a collection of the most elusive and rare birds in Patagonia, to help you tell the megaticks from the everyday avifauna. 

6 People Who Should Visit Patagonia

We think everyone would benefit in some way from a trip to Patagonia. After all, its renown as a place of positive transformation and personal insight almost matches its fame as an area of outstanding natural beauty. Yet there are a select few individuals who, by dint of their specific interests and personalities, may get even more than most out of a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Patagonia. And now the only question that remains is which one of our Patagonia personalities are you?

Things to do in Chile’s far north!

Chile’s long territory encompasses many iconic and world-famous regions. Wild Patagonia in the far south is followed by the lush forests of the Chilean Lake District, which gradually merge into the rolling winery-filled valleys of of central Chile. To the north you’ll hear of the natural charms of the Elqui Valley and then the parched expanse of the Atacama Desert. Visitors to the Atacama Desert most often fly into Calama airport and use the small town of San Pedro de Atacama as their base camp. But Chile doesn’t stop at Calama, there’s more than another 310 miles (500 kilometres) to the north until you hit the border with Peru. So is all of this space just completely empty? Or could it be that there’s a side of Chile that we’re all missing? Here’s our pick of activities and attractions in Chile’s far north!

Photography in Patagonia: Tips for Every Shot

We’ve heard it said that Patagonia encompasses a little bit of all the kinds of landscapes and terrains that you’ll find spread out across the rest of the world. Rolling grasslands, jagged mountains, vast, craggy glaciers, impenetrable forests and all manner of lakes, rivers and fjords. So if you’re a keen photographer hoping to catch the full range of Patagonia’s moods and moments on camera, you’re going to need a varied bag of tricks and a wide range of knowledge to do things right. Here are our top tips for how to immortalise some of Patagonia’s most iconic features:

When’s the Best Time of Year to Visit Chile?

So you’re thinking of taking a Chile tour but you’re not sure where to start? Well you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re stuck taking your vacation at a certain time of year and you’re wondering what’s on offer, or you can take your vacation whenever you like and you just want to be sure to get it right, our guide to the best time of year to visit Chile will help you make your decision.

56 reasons you should hike the Torres del Paine Circuit

The Torres del Paine Circuit Trek is a nine-day hike into the very heart of Chilean Patagonia, encompassing some of the most staggering scenery in South America. If you’re serious about trekking, the real question is why have you not already hiked the Torres del Paine Circuit Trek? But if for some reason you’re still sitting on the fence, here are 56 reasons it’s time to stop putting it off!

Foodie Travel Inspiration: Chiloé Island

Set off the south-central coast of Chile, the Chiloé Archipelago has long had its own distinctive character, which expresses itself most visibly through the architecture and gastronomy of this group of islands. When it comes to food, the residents of Chiloé developed a cuisine based on local ingredients and improvised with what they had rather than looking further afield for ingredients. That’s why you’ll see an endless variety of ways to turn potatoes, seafood and pork into an array of delicious and unmistakably ‘Chilote’ dishes. Here are some foods to get your mouth watering!