Star Trek: An Interview with Astrophysicist Anthony Soulain

With clear skies and big telescopes, Chile is seventh heaven for astronomers. But what is the life of an astronomer really like? Cascada interviewed Anthony Soulain, a budding French astrophysicist studying his master’s degree in Santiago. He debunks many myths about what astronomers do, tells us why Chile is the best country for astronomy and gives us a peek into the cutting-edge observatory on Cerro Paranal.

NEW changes to Argentina reciprocity fee

UPDATE / JULY 12, 2017 U.S. and Australian citizens are currently exempt from paying this fee. While it's unclear if this situation will become permanent, for now U.S and Australian. citizens traveling to Argentina do not need to pay a reciprocity fee. See More Info:  USA  –  Australia The Government of Argentina charges a reciprocity fee for citizens of the Canada entering Argentina […]

Sustainable Tourism on Easter Island

Like a tiny vessel drifting in the immense Pacific Ocean, Easter Island is an extremely vulnerable place to live in. Any disturbance in the island’s ecology or social makeup may have drastic consequences for the islanders’ well-being. With the advent of tourism, thousands of travellers flock here to see the enigmatic moai, potentially exacerbating the […]

Katherine Routledge: The Pioneer Archaeologist of Easter Island

How did some fallen-down statues lying on the shores of a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific come to attract the attention and stir the fantasies of millions worldwide, giving rise to elaborate and bizarre theories involving UFOs and sunken continents? It’s a long story that began with Katherine Routledge’s journey to Easter […]