From the Patagonia stores to the end of the world

“Sometimes what you're looking for comes when you're not looking at all.” When Tomás Smits passed through the door of the Santiago Patagonia store, he had no idea this would send him and his girlfriend Constanza 2,200 (1,365 miles) kilometers away to the vast, untamed, silent wilderness of Chilean Patagonia. His fingers brushed against some […]

New: Huilo Huilo Rainforest Multi Sport Adventure

We are proud to present our brand new Multi-Sport Adventure to add to our rapidly expanding range! The Hullo Huilo Biological Reserve is made up of 100,000 hectares of temperate rainforest and lies at the north eastern edge of the Lake District. This reserve is committed to a progressive form of sustainable development and land […]

Patagonia Safari Guides 2014/15

EcoCamp Patagonia Wildlife Safari Team   Felipe Guevara Speciality: Wildlife SafariFavorite Tour: EcoCamp Patagonia Wildlife SafariBirdwatching expert Felipe is part of the 2013/14 and 2014/15 Safari team! Get to know Felipe Guevara…   Consuelo Martin Speciality: Wildlife SafariFavorite Tour: EcoCamp Patagonia Wildlife SafariActive Consuelo joins the 2014/15 Safari team! Get to know Consuelo Martin…   Diego Barrientos Speciality: Wildlife Safari, W […]

Huilo Huilo Rainforest Multi Activity Adventure

This epic adventure through the staggeringly beautiful Huilo Huilo rainforest is a daredevil’s dream: white water rafting, hiking, mountain biking, and ziplining, all topped off with a relaxing spa visit and a cold one from a local brewing pub! 

Is it possible to eat gluten free in Torres del Paine? You bet!

For traveling foodies, the pleasure of perusing a foreign menu, ordering from a street vendor's unusual snack selection, or savoring a new dish's unique flavors is the very heartbeat and reason for travel. Sharing meals is such an integral part of the travel experience that the very names of many countries evoke images of food almost immediately – just try whispering sweet nothings of "Italy, India, Japan, France, Vietnam, Peru, and Greece…" to a food traveler and challenge their mouth not to water! But how do travelers with dietary concerns fare when on the road?


New: Capture Atacama – Desert Photo Adventure

Our new tours in the Atacama Desert really are coming thick and fast. Our latest offering is possibly the one we are most excited about here at Cascada Expediciones – Capture Atacama – Photo Tour. This tour combines both a local guide experienced in hiking through this remote wilderness, with a professional photographer to ensure you are in the optimum positions for taking your shots. 

Capture Atacama – Desert Photo Adventure

Hone and enhance your photography skills with the aid of two professional photographers on this world-class tour, taking you through the stunning landscapes of the Atacama Desert, full of amazing vistas just ready to be captured on camera. Let’s go on a Atacama Photos Safari!.