The Wonders of Argentinean Patagonia

Patagonia is a vast region which, even in this age of man, still retains an essence of untamed wilderness, transcending the whims of mankind and its international borders. Despite some frosty historical relations (and more than a slight soccer rivalry), South American neighbors Chile and Argentina each lay claim to parts of this spectacular landscape, […]

And the ‘Tourism Oscar’ for best adventure travel destination goes to: Chile!

As I was a child, my parents always described Chile to me as a long and thin country, with heaps of giant mountains. That’s about all I knew about the land. I had no idea Chile had so many contrasts that made it so unique compared to the other countries in South America. Contrast: that’s […]

12 Day Big Cats of Latin America – Wildlife Adventure

Prowl the grassy pampas of Torres del Paine and lurk through the steamy rainforests of Brazil in search of two of the continent’s most elegant and sneaky big cats: the Patagonia puma and the jaguar. Working with expert wildlife guides, you’ll embark on a voyage unlike any other, filled with the mix of thrills, luxury, and excitement that only South America can offer!.

2 Day Patagonia Puma Encounter Extension

  Play hide and seek with the king of the Patagonian landscape… and catch him with your camera lens Especially designed for nature lovers, this special extension program explores Torres del Paine’s unparalleled terrain and wildlife with an experienced team of outdoor trackers. Discover and photograph Torres del Paine’s stunning landscapes, sublime sunrises & sunsets, and […]

EcoCamp Patagonia Certified Carbon Neutral for the 8th year running!

We proudly remember 2008 as the year EcoCamp first became a Carbon Neutral company and began offsetting its carbon (CO2) emissions with CarbonFund.Org. This year (2016), EcoCamp remains Carbon Neutral certified for the 8th time with 517.251 tons of offset CO2 emissions! For comparison, between July 2010 and June 2011, we offset only 229.402 tons of […]