Eight Reasons to visit Chile’s Aysen Region

With glaciers, aquamarine lakes, shimmering blue caverns, and steaming temperate rainforests, the Aysen region of Chile has much to offer, but is often overlooked in favor of more famous Patagonian landmarks such as Torres del Paine. But that’s changing as more travelers take a chance on its outdoorsy charms, and come away greatly rewarded.  Sandwiched between Chile’s Lake District and […]

Of Mosses and Men: Inside the Enchanting Miniature Forests of Cape Horn

You’ll want to be careful where you step at the OMORA Ethnobotanical Park on Navarino Island in Tierra del Fuego. Located in the Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve – heralded as one of the most sustainable places on Earth – OMORA specializes in scientific research projects examining the biodiversity of the region.  It’s also where visitors […]

Vote for us in Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Awards 2017!

Fans of EcoCamp Patagonia and Cascada Expediciones, we need your help! Travel + Leisure’s 2017 World’s Best survey is now open for voting, and Cascada Expediciones and EcoCamp Patagonia are included in the "Hotel" and "Tour Operators" categories! If you could spare a few minutes, please vote and help us be chosen as two of the world’s best […]

A Toast to Carménère: Celebrating World Carménère Day, Nov. 24

Today, we raise a glass to Chile’s flagship wine: Carménère. This bold, complex red varietal, now a notable stand-alone wine but originally used for blends, is Chile’s version of Malbec; a high-quality, New World nectar of the gods that’s putting its parent country on the wine-world map. In honor of World Carménère Day, we’re going back to […]

The Dientes Trek: A guide to the best trek you’ve never heard of

It’s time to venture off the edge of the map to discover the epic mountains and views of the Dientes Trek. South America is a mecca for some of the most cultural, scenic, and adventurous treks on the planet, such as the W Trek in Torres del Paine and the Inca Trail. But there’s one trek […]