Feliz Año Nuevo: Chile’s New Year’s Eve Traditions and Epic Fireworks

Pop open the bubbly and raise a glass, it’s New Year’s Eve! All around the world, many countries and cultures have their own regional ways to ring in the new year. For Chileans, it’s an occasion to party and be merry until the wee hours of the morning, drink traditional drinks like cola de mono, […]

A Field Guide to Earthquakes in Chile

On Christmas Day, 2016, the world woke up to the news that yet another dramatic earthquake had hit Chile. Luckily, this one had a happy ending. When the quake hit off the coast of the main island of Chiloe in southern Chile around 11:22 am on Christmas morning, Chile’s National  Emergency Response and Public Safety office […]

Desert in the Sky: A Visit to the Atacama Desert with Cascada’s Key Account Manager

Would you like to go to Mars? Bounce around on the moon? Walk through a rainbow? Float through the stars? Be somewhere truly out of this world? You can do all that in the Atacama Desert. Step into the otherworldly majesty of this high altitude desert with Cascada’s Expediciones’ key account manager for Latin America and Europe while she […]

How to make “Cola de Mono”, Chile’s traditional holiday drink

What better way to celebrate the holidays than trying your hand at making Chile’s traditional Yuletide beverage, cola de mono? Translating to “monkey’s tail,” this creamy and smooth libation is rumored to have you “swinging like a money” (hence the name) thanks to a potent dose of heady aguardiente. With a taste and texture similar […]

A Very Merry Chilean Christmas: Chile’s Holiday Traditions

Deck the halls and light the lights, it’s that special time of year! Countries around the world each have their own unique holiday traditions, and Chile knows exactly how to celebrate this joyous season. But you’ll find no White Christmases here (but lots of cheer!). With the holiday season taking place during the Southern Hemisphere’s summer, […]