Enjoy the best of Chilean Patagonia on this multi sport adventure! This action-packed trip lets you experience hiking, cycling, kayaking and horse riding as well as the community atmosphere, food & wine at EcoCamp Patagonia, in the heart of the national park. I want Epic Patagonia style!

Visit Valparaiso, Chile’s Street Art Capital

Located just a short drive from Santiago, the San Francisco-esque city of Valparaiso is a popular stop for visitors hoping to get exposed to Chilean art and culture, as well as some fresh sea breeze after the stuffy, high mountain air of Santiago. Squashed up against the coast, Valparaiso is a bonafide artsy city, a […]

Torres del Paine 7 dias W Trek

The trails around the jagged mountain peaks in Torres del Paine form one of the world’s most classic trekking routes. This active trip leads you through forest, mountain ridges and Patagonian steppe and allows you to relax with food & wine and good company in the evenings.


Conheça A Região Dos Lagos – 4 Dias De Aventura

Raft, hike, drive, and cycle your way through Chile’s achingly beautiful Lake District, a place full of history, culture, and pure nature waiting to exceed all expectations and make you fall in love with northern Patagonia. Home to ancient forests, shimmering lakes, mighty rivers, and quaint towns, a voyage through this hidden gem is sure to entrance you.

10 dias de Esqui & Tour de Vinhos

  Poucas coisas são melhores que esquiar e tomar vinho nas férias num lindo país (quase) vizinho! O Chile é reconhecido internacionalmente pela qualidade dos seus vinhos e excelentes estações de ski – e você vai aproveitar as duas coisas nesta experiência única no Vale Nevado Ski Resort, onde passará uma semana na Cordilheira antes […]

Patagonia’s Past: The Legend of the Calafate Berry

When visiting Patagonia, especially during the breezy spring and summer months of November through March, while traipsing along the well-worn trails you’ll probably encounter deep-blue, almost purple berries dangling from small bushes huddled under trees and other shrubs. While they could easily be mistaken for blueberries, don’t be deceived: these are Calafate berries, indigenous to […]

Full Day Ice Trek to Grey Glacier – EcoCamp Extension

  Extreme adventure and unrivaled views await on this ice trek across the spectacular Grey Glacier! EcoCamp Extension The thrilling, once-in-a-lifetime experience of trekking across a glacier is yours to treasure on this full-day adventure, feeling the crunch of centuries of snow, ice, and water beneath your feet and marveling at the glacier’s immense size […]

Full Day Traditional Patagonian Estancia

  Immerse yourself in the rural culture of Patagonia at  a traditional estancia, complete with horseback ride, authentic Patagonian lunch, and shearing demonstration. Enjoy a day on a traditional Patagonian sheep shearing farm, surrounded by the waters of the fjords and the backdrop of Patagonia’s towering mountains, where you will partake in a traditional roasted […]