Celebrate World Penguin Day With These 15 Facts about Penguins in Chile

Who doesn’t love an adorable penguin!? With their waddling gait, cute cries, and whimsical personalities, they are loved the world over, and Chile is one of the best places to see several species of penguins up close and personal. So to celebrate World Penguin Day, enjoy these facts about Chile’s favorite flightless birds (sorry, Lesser […]

4 Books About Chile to Fuel Your Wanderlust for International Book Day

As any lover of literature knows, reading takes you to places you’ve never been, and travel writing is especially transportive. Weaving personal experience with useful and insightful facts and information, travel books, or “travelogues”, have been a part of travel since the time of Marco Polo. Since then, as humans have traveled and explored the […]

These 10 Regional Dishes are Chile’s Go-To Winter Fare

It may be heading toward summer in the northern hemisphere, but down in the southern half of the world, winter has getting ready to set in, and nothing helps people get through the long, cold days and nights better than some hearty seasonal foods and beverages using delicious native ingredients and recipes passed down from […]

25 Things You Never Knew About Hiking Poles

Down on the hiking trails of Patagonia, hiking poles (or trekking poles if you prefer!) are a bit of a contentious issue. Everybody knows they reduce the impact on your knees and improve balance and stability, making it easier to cross streams and slippery rocks. If you’re setting off on a trekking adventure, make sure you read our list of 25 things you never knew about hiking poles first!