Here are our favorite photos to spark the travel fire in you!

Chile has some of the clearest night skies in the world thanks to its low light pollution, and while tourists flock with good reason to the Elqui Valley and the Atacama Desert in the north, it must be said that you can find some equally stunning telescope-worthy spots elsewhere.  Take this shot above, for example, a perfect glimpse from Patagonia into the nebulas of the night sky.

Picture the north of Chile, and you might well envisage pink flamingos and sand dunes.  Volcanoes should factor in too, such as the majestic Parinacota Volcano, which straddles both Chile and Bolivia.

No trip to Chile is complete without talking to the local residents. This photo was taken in the capital city of Santiago.

The Marble Caves feel like a galactic experience even though they sit on General Carrera Lake.  Read more here.

The puma, or mountain lion, calls the length of the Americas home, but nothing rivals a moment when you see one in the raw wilderness of Torres del Paine National Park.

A full-day ice trek is one of the more extreme ways to experience Patagonia, an exhilarating and otherworldly experience. Find out more here. 

Seeing a whale is, quite honestly, one of life’s most breathtaking moments. You can try it for yourself here or here.

The UNESCO heritage city of Valparaiso is the perfect cultural escape. Classy hotels stand alongside eclectically colorful houses that cling to the hills, while restaurants serve locally caught seafood.  Take a look at our options here

Los Dientes is the new trek on the tip of everyone’s tongues, including Lonely Planet.  This area has been barely touched by tourists and is one of the best ¨off the beaten path¨ options you can do in Chile. Here is a taster:

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