Magical Chiloé 3 Day Heritage Tour

  Searching for that perfect mix of mythology, gastronomy, history, and nature? The island of Chiloé awaits! Cultural-buffs, hikers, wildlife-lovers, and families will be well looked after on this 3-day adventure into the heart of Chiloé, an island adored by Chileans and something of a national secret. Come with us as we traverse the wetlands and […]

5 Day Ancestral Atacama Adventure

  Perfect for adventurers and culture buffs, this 5-day immersion into the past and present of the Atacama takes you deep into the heart of the Desert   We delve into the diverse world of geysers, valleys, and lagoons to learn about the worldview of the original people of the altiplano, and explore their culture through […]

Best Hikes of Patagonia – Cerro Castillo 5 Day Trek

  Step away from the modern world and immerse yourself in the untouched realm of Cerro Castillo, a trekking wonderland seen by few outsiders.​ Make the journey from one of the world’s most isolated and stunning highways, the Carretera Austral, deep into the forgotten paradise that is Northern Patagonia. This 5-day hike over mountains and […]

8 Things You Don’t Need in Patagonia

 If there is one thing we have learned as trekking specialists, it’s that trekking is one of the best ways to feel human and that throwing lots of dollars at expensive niche gear is not always conducive to having said amazing experience.  With that in mind, let’s take a look at the 8 things you don’t need to see what you can get away with leaving behind!