Magical Chiloé 3 Day Heritage Tour

  Searching for that perfect mix of mythology, gastronomy, history, and nature? The island of Chiloé awaits! Cultural-buffs, hikers, wildlife-lovers, and families will be well looked after on this 3-day adventure into the heart of Chiloé, an island adored by Chileans and something of a national secret. Come with us as we traverse the wetlands and […]

Marti Conner, site web Commentaire, 6 jan 2016

"Ecocamp a dépassé toutes mes attentes. Le personnel fut bien plus qu'un simple "personnel". Ils furent à la fois amis et famille pendant mon séjour de 5 nuits. Activités, hébergement, service: tout fut parfait et mémorable. "

3 Days Colchagua Valley Wine Escape

Sample some of Chile’s internationally renowned wines on this three day getaway in the enchanting Colchagua Valley, exploring the vineyards in style via walking and horseback riding before spending the nights in luxury accommodations after full days of wine-induced decadence.

Anonymous, USA (Easter Island 5 day Explorer & Altiplano)

I had an excellent time. I saw several areas well off the beaten path and was the only one around for most of my trip to the Altiplano. On Easter Island the guides, Tiare and Christophoro were absolutely amazing. 

Arlene Smith, Australia (short W Trek, Argentina, Bolivia, Valparaiso & Easter Island)

Thank you for making the arrangements for my South American trip. It was great to have just one person to deal with and it took the worry out of booking online. All the itinerary went as planned and was very enjoyable.

Marti Conner, Comentário de cliente na nossa página, 6 de Janeiro 2016

"Ecocamp excedeu todas as expectativas. A equipe foi muito mais do que apenas uma 'equipe.' Eles foram amigos e família durante minhas 5 noites de estadia. Atividades, acomodações, serviço: Tudo foi perfeito e memorável. "

Santiago de Chile Bike & Stay

Explore the eclectic neighborhoods of Santiago on a bicycle, learning about Santiago’s history from an expert guide, before retiring for the day to enjoy a delicious dinner in one of the hip bohemian neighborhoods, followed by a relaxing night’s sleep in one of Santiago’s quality hotels!