Anonymous, USA (Easter Island 5 day Explorer & Altiplano)

I had an excellent time. I saw several areas well off the beaten path and was the only one around for most of my trip to the Altiplano. On Easter Island the guides, Tiare and Christophoro were absolutely amazing. 

Arlene Smith, Australia (short W Trek, Argentina, Bolivia, Valparaiso & Easter Island)

Thank you for making the arrangements for my South American trip. It was great to have just one person to deal with and it took the worry out of booking online. All the itinerary went as planned and was very enjoyable.

Antony M., Bermuda (Best of Chile Tour)

Thank you for helping to make the visit to Chile successful and enjoyable. From the spectacular mountains of Patagonia to the mystique of Easter Island and the quiet grandeur of the desert, every part of the trip was extraordinary. The guides in each location were friendly and knowledgeable and added immensely to the experience. You […]

Easter Island – Rapa Nui Explorer

Immerse yourself in the mystical culture and epic landscapes and ocean views of legendary Easter Island, visiting the mysterious Moai statues, walking and driving around the island’s best natural and archeological sites, and learning more about this fascinating island!

Hull Cook, USA (Torres del Paine W Trek + Half Day Megellan Strait Penguin Adventure + Rapa Nui Explorer + Full Day Premium Wine Tour)

The trip was bigger and better than we had anticipated in all aspects.  Eco-Camp and our guides there were wonderful.  We were very snug in our little Hobbit domes with their comfortable double beds and wooden floor.  There is a chef at Eco-Camp!  Who knew! We found Chile beautiful, the food excellent, and the Chilean […]

Gunny Cherrytree, USA (7 day Torres del Paine Trek + other services in Santiago and Easter Island)

It was a terrific place Cecilia,I have no complains the trekking was great, even Joel made it. The ecocamp was extremely well run and people were excellent. We had a very good guide Isabel she was excellent and also very knowledgeable about the are plants and birds ect geology as well. Easter island was a […]

Alfredo & Agueda, ITALY &SPAIN (Patagonia + Easter Island)

Escribimos para decirte que el viaje resultó fenomenal en todos los sentidos y guardamos un maravilloso recuerdo. El único problema que encontramos fue que pedimos que nos confirmaran nuestro vuelo de vuelta a Madrid y Punta Arenas no lo consiguieron (ya sabes los móviles no reciben en las Torres del Paine). Guardamos un recuerdo maravilloso […]