Top Press Clippings Season 2013-2014

EcoCamp Patagonia has been featured in the following press articles during the 2013/14 season: Print: the telegraph – Chile: on the trail of the elusive puma; Aug 2013 (UK) the independent – On the prowl in Patagonia; Nov 2013 (UK) Marie Clair Deco – eco-friendly sanctuary; Feb 2014 (CA) TAM Nas Nuvens Inflight – Armando o maior barraco; Feb […]

Top Press Clippings in Season 2011-2012

EcoCamp Patagonia is recommended by the following major Travel Guides: Footprint (2012) | Frommer's (2011) | Rough Guides (2009) | Moon Travel (2009)  |The Ethical Travel Guide (2009) During the 2011/12 Season EcoCamp Patagonia was featured in the following press articles: Magazines (print and/or online): Weekend Weekly (Honk Kong): Big Patagonia Special, April 2011. Elle (Canada): The Great Outdoors, July 2011. Styl (Poland): Unusual […]