Inside The Lives of Patagonian Cowboys at Estancia La Peninsula

When most people think of Patagonia, their minds immediately go to the region’s iconic mountains like Mount Fitz Roy and the Torres del Paine; the creeping glaciers that loom over lakes of pristine water; and the allure of wide-open spaces at the end of the world, where mankind has no real foothold and exists at […]

Discover the Incredible Legend of the Laguna del Inca at Ski Portillo

We all love a good love story. Particularly ones about deep, eternal love that spans centuries, that even death itself couldn’t extinguish. The site of such a tale can be found just a short drive from Chile’s capital city of Santiago. Nestled in the alpine reaches of the Andes, the Portillo ski resort retains a […]

6 Things to Do in Santiago During Winter

Winter in the city is a magical time, and with its mountainous surroundings and cosmopolitan hustle and bustle, Santiago is a winter wonderland on par with the best of them. Surrounded by the snow-capped peaks of the Andean Cordillera, Santiago is South America’s rising star city, bursting with cultural activities, outdoor fun, a vibrant culinary scene, […]

These 10 Regional Dishes are Chile’s Go-To Winter Fare

It may be heading toward summer in the northern hemisphere, but down in the southern half of the world, winter has getting ready to set in, and nothing helps people get through the long, cold days and nights better than some hearty seasonal foods and beverages using delicious native ingredients and recipes passed down from […]

Get to know Puerto Natales – The Gateway to Torres del Paine

Known as the gateway to Torres del Paine National Park, the town of Puerto Natales may seen by many as a quick stopover before heading off into the surrounding wilderness in search of adventure and natural wonder, but taking a few days to explore the town and its immediate surroundings offers a glimpse into the […]

Patagonia’s Past: The History of the Irish in Chile

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day, and that means that today, across the world, Irish people and people who wish they were Irish will be downing insane amounts of beer, tucking into corned beef and soda bread, and having a merry ol’ time. Including the Irish-Chileans. Wait…Irish people in Chile? You bet! (Luck of the Irish, right?)  […]

7 Chilean Women to Inspire you on International Women’s Day

From poets, to senators, to educators, to a female conquistador, Chilean women are a powerhouse. In a society that is known for its overt “machismo” overtones and more conservative views towards women, Chilean women prove again and again that they are strong, intelligent, and determined people who are capable of incredible feats of bravery and artistry, who […]

Visit Valparaiso, Chile’s Street Art Capital

Located just a short drive from Santiago, the San Francisco-esque city of Valparaiso is a popular stop for visitors hoping to get exposed to Chilean art and culture, as well as some fresh sea breeze after the stuffy, high mountain air of Santiago. Squashed up against the coast, Valparaiso is a bonafide artsy city, a […]

8 Reasons Chile’s Central Wine Valleys are the Perfect Romantic Getaway

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start figuring out how to mark the occasion. But this year, in place of the usual fancy dinner with wine, why not go right to the source of that aphrodisiac libation and spend Valentines in the heart of South American wine culture: Chile’s […]