Hike the W Trek in winter with Cascada’s “Winter W Trek” program!

Get chilly in Chile on a trek through the wintery heart of Torres del Paine! When one thinks of Torres del Paine National Park, the classic W Trek instantly comes to mind. The two are synonymous. The W offers the absolute best of Torres del Paine: the Grey Glacier, Los Cuernos, French Valley, the Base […]

Chile Wins Best Adventure Travel Destination for 3rd Year in a Row

Viva Chile! For the third year in a row, from 2015 to 2017, Chile has been named the best adventure travel destination in South America at the World Travel Awards, an award ceremony that is known in the industry as the “Oscars of tourism”. Congratulations, Chile!

6 Things to Do in Santiago During Winter

Winter in the city is a magical time, and with its mountainous surroundings and cosmopolitan hustle and bustle, Santiago is a winter wonderland on par with the best of them. Surrounded by the snow-capped peaks of the Andean Cordillera, Santiago is South America’s rising star city, bursting with cultural activities, outdoor fun, a vibrant culinary scene, […]

These Chilean Hot Springs Are The Perfect Place To Soak During Winter

Chile’s location on the far end of the Pacific Ring of Fire – a geographic hotspot of tectonic plate movement and active fault lines that results in regular volcanic and seismic activity – has an unexpected but welcome side effect: a network of close to 270 thermal hot springs spanning the length of the country, […]

The Ultimate Guide to Skiing in Chile

Perched above steep valleys and clinging to snow-covered slopes throughout one of the most dramatic mountain ranges on Earth, Chile’s world-class ski resorts have everything you need to hit the slopes and spend your days “shoop-shoop-shooping” down some pretty epic runs and soaking up that high altitude sunshine and chilled air. But with so many choices, […]

Celebrate World Penguin Day With These 15 Facts about Penguins in Chile

Who doesn’t love an adorable penguin!? With their waddling gait, cute cries, and whimsical personalities, they are loved the world over, and Chile is one of the best places to see several species of penguins up close and personal. So to celebrate World Penguin Day, enjoy these facts about Chile’s favorite flightless birds (sorry, Lesser […]

4 Books About Chile to Fuel Your Wanderlust for International Book Day

As any lover of literature knows, reading takes you to places you’ve never been, and travel writing is especially transportive. Weaving personal experience with useful and insightful facts and information, travel books, or “travelogues”, have been a part of travel since the time of Marco Polo. Since then, as humans have traveled and explored the […]

Chile’s 6 Most Popular Winter Sports

With landscapes that were crafted by nature to be perfect winter wonderlands covered in fluffy white snow, hearty seasonal meals that banish the cold, and stores throughout the country stocked with wooly garments to bundle up in, Chile is the ultimate winter country – especially for winter sports enthusiasts! If you eagerly await winter each […]

Get to know Puerto Natales – The Gateway to Torres del Paine

Known as the gateway to Torres del Paine National Park, the town of Puerto Natales may seen by many as a quick stopover before heading off into the surrounding wilderness in search of adventure and natural wonder, but taking a few days to explore the town and its immediate surroundings offers a glimpse into the […]