A Foodie’s Crash Course in Chilean Cuisine – Monthly Mixed Tape

For foodies, hearing of those who eat "because they have to" is a little, well, sad. With a planetful of colorful cuisine to sample in a lifetime, it's no wonder trying new foods features so highly on most travelers' to do lists. Chile doesn't disappoint. From the north's tropical fruits, to its central valleys' wine regions and the gamey creations dreamed up in Patagonian kitchens, discerning palates exploring Chile won't feel bland. In this month's Mixed Tape, Chilen food (plus options for vegetarians and hikers) is our focus. Grab a fork!

Santiago de Chile: Quick Picks for Traveler Fun – Monthly Mixed Tape

Santiago is home to millions of souls and as many explorable nooks and crannies. Sure, there are museums and art galleries a-plenty, but if the idea of going on a culture marathon doesn’t make you want to buy a plane ticket right away, never fear. You won’t want for entertainment in and around Chile’s capital city.

Hiking Torres del Paine Link Cheat Sheet – Monthly Mixed Tape

We can feel your excitement. You’ve heard about Patagonia and there’s no going back. Your interest has been piqued, your ears have been pricked and your fancy has been well and truly tickled. Hiking  adventure, here you come!

We totally understand. Even after the decades of Patagonia trip planning we’ve notched up at Cascada, the novelty of setting foot into this wild corner of the world – and particularly hiking in Torres del Paine – never gets old. Whether you’ve just bought your tickets or are doing some final research, we’re here to help. We know there are a few loose ends to tie up before strapping on your boots and heading out into the wild.

Where to go? What to wear? What to bring? *Whew!*

Today we bring to you this ultra-top round up of must-read articles to have your Torres del Paine hiking plan come off without a hitch.