Surfer Ramon Navarro Visits Patagonia

Navarro is an official EcoCamp ambassador. As an ambassador, Navarro was invited to Torres del Paine to experience it first hand.  Navarro is one of Chile’s most shining exports, a world-ranked surfer who is also a genuinely good guy, being a committed activist to the protection of the water he so cherishes.  

New Government Agreement protects 11.1 Million Acres of Land in Patagonia

Today is a historic day for conservation in Chile, as this morning, President Michelle Bachelet signed an agreement for the creation of a vast network of national parks and protected land in southern Chile, encompassing more than 11.1 million acres. The project – the largest of its kind since 1960 and which will expand Chile's […]

On This Day in Patagonian History: The Glacier Republic

Did you know that there’s a mini-nation located somewhere amongst Chilean Patagonia’s vast expanses of crawling glaciers? Well, there is! On March 5th, 2014, Greenpeace – never one for subtle gestures – used a loophole in Chilean law to declare that 8,800 miles of glacier-covered land was its own independent country – a “Glacier Republic” […]

Of Mosses and Men: Inside the Enchanting Miniature Forests of Cape Horn

You’ll want to be careful where you step at the OMORA Ethnobotanical Park on Navarino Island in Tierra del Fuego. Located in the Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve – heralded as one of the most sustainable places on Earth – OMORA specializes in scientific research projects examining the biodiversity of the region.  It’s also where visitors […]

Sustainability in Chile – Why we are celebrating the America’s largest marine reserve.

This week we are celebrating the fact that the Chilean government has announced the creation of one of the world's largest marine reserves. Sustainability and respect for the natural environment is something at the core of Cascada and EcoCamp and the experiences we offer. The Nazca-Desventuradas Marine Park is a Marine Protected Area (MPA) which […]

EcoCamp Patagonia Travelers’ Tales – Vive la Patagonia

At EcoCamp, we meet exceptional travelers every day, hikers who have made their way to these far-flung southern lands in the name of exploration. 

But what's it like to visit Torres del Paine for the first time? To find out, we turned to some of the best: our guests.

Travelers' Tales are stories told by our guests, verbatim, about their experience in Torres del Paine alongside other hikers in the wilds of Chilean Patagonia. This week, two Chilean actors explore Patagonia with us and share what struck them about living more simply.