Love Animals? Check Out Our Top Wildlife Photos

Look closely and you may be able to spot Chile’s most magical creatures. The country is filled with beautiful wildlife, ranging from the massive Andean condor to the elusive puma. Our team at Cascada works hard to find these incredible animals, while also keeping a safe distance and respecting their environment. We’ve managed to get a […]

Birdwatching in Santiago? Get Those Binoculars Ready!

Did you know that Chile’s capital, Santiago, has more than enough to ensure that those binoculars are out at the ready?  In this blog we interview expert guide/birdwatching extraordinaire, Raffaele di Biase, to discover just why birdwatching in a city as modern as Santiago can be so rewarding.

What You Might Spot On A Wildlife Safari

Venture into the unspoiled Torres del Paine National Park and you’re sure to see flocks, herds, colonies and packs of animals that you’ve never seen before, but it can be difficult to know exactly what you’re looking at and where to search for the more elusive creatures. That’s why a guided safari of Patagonia’s wildlife is the perfect way to see some of the plants and animals that lend Patagonia its unique feel. 

Photography in Patagonia: 10 Wildlife Photography Tips

Our Patagonia Puma Tracking Wildlife Discovery Adventure gets you as close as it’s possible to get to the flora and fauna of Torres del Paine National Park.  Here’s our list of the top 10 tips and tricks for tackling the unique challenges and one-off rewards of wildlife photography in Patagonia!

Celebrate World Penguin Day With These 15 Facts about Penguins in Chile

Who doesn’t love an adorable penguin!? With their waddling gait, cute cries, and whimsical personalities, they are loved the world over, and Chile is one of the best places to see several species of penguins up close and personal. So to celebrate World Penguin Day, enjoy these facts about Chile’s favorite flightless birds (sorry, Lesser […]

Whales, Penguins, and Dolphins: Dive into Tierra del Fuego’s Underwater World

If you’ve ever wanted to see humpback whales breaching, visit a penguin colony, and sail through waters teeming with sea lions, dolphins, and other marine animals, Tierra del Fuego in southern Chile and Argentina is the place to go. Perched on the curling tip of the South American continent, the 18,000+ square miles of Tierra […]